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Easy to Use - Less Expensive

In the past businesses had to have expensive on-site equipment to enjoy the features found in RingCentral. Many companies opted to have the phone company provide a simple phone system to avoid this cost limiting features, making changes difficult and time consuming. With RingCentral, you get all the features and more of an expensive on-site pbx with none of the hassles
  • Simple and easy configuration. Do as much or as little as you like
  • All your changes are available instantly
  • Connect remote workers seemlessly to your company phone system
  • Less expensive with no long term contract

We'll Manage Your Phone System For You

If you want the convenience of a managed phone system we can that for you. RingCentral is very easy to use but some businesses would rather be able to explain what they want and have someone else make sure that it is configured. We offer support services for your business to give you the benefits of a fully managed system.
  • Manage changes and adds to your system
  • Provide voice talent for your greetings and messages
  • First line support for questions
  • Affordable for businesses of all sizes

Immediate Service Activation

Your new phone service will be activated immediately. Your phones will arrive within 5 to 7 business days depending on shipping method. Any adds or changes to your phone system a immediately applied. No more scheduling visits or waiting around for a technician.
  • Activatied Immediately with your Completed Account and Credit Card Information
  • New phone lines, extension, greeting and phone answering rules available immediately

International Calls

Yes, you can. International calls are billed at our international rates. You can view the these rates at RingCentral International Rates. By default, your system does not allow international calling. To activate you will need to contact RingCentral directly at 1888 898.4591, or if you have a support plan with BulletProof Technologies contact us at 1877 216.4532.
  • International Calling Available at RingCentral's low rates
  • Available immediately by contacting RingCentral or BulletProof Technologies.

How many lines do you need?

If the employee requires a physical phone to receive or make calls either from the company office, their home office or remote location they need a phone line. If your employee will be taking their calls on a cell phone, or will be using a soft phone (a phone program that runs on a computer), then you do not need a phone line. For example, if you have 10 staff 6 at the company office 2 at home offices and 2 working on the road using their cell phones you only need 8 lines. The 2 employees on the road will not require a line as they will be using their cell phones.